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June 2, 1015

Macbeth Essay

Written by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago,
Macbeth tells the story of a Scottish noble overcome by his own evil ambition for kingship. One of the most intense scenes comes after Macbeth has killed King Duncan, and Macbeth must act as a good liar while the other
Scottish nobles discover the dead body. The transitioning of this scene from the original script to film caused only minor dialogic changes. However, the director’s interpretation alters the viewer’s depiction of the scene by the way he portrays Macbeth’s first conversation, Macbeth’s confession about killing the guards, and Lady Macbeth’s fainting.
The behavior of Macbeth just before the discovery of Duncan’s body is important because it is the first time that Macbeth has to lie with the possession of a guilty conscience. One major contrast from the script is that Macduff was accompanied by his family rather than Lennox during his entrance. Lennox’s retelling of the previous night’s frightening storm seems to be in a serious tone, but the director chose to make Lady Macduff very cheery while she talks. Because of this, Macbeth’s otherwise normal responses now depict him as being distant and nervous.
Viewers, who know about Macbeth’s guilt, can easily see how it impacts his speaking habits.
The moment after Macbeth admits to killing the guards is one that will make a person's heart skip a beat. The music stops, footsteps halt, and all heads turn to Macbeth. All the actors are positioned around Macbeth. It is clear that he is nervous after Macduff requests an explanation, for Macbeth hesitates to respond after seeing that he is surrounded. He then follows up with a long­winded and deceitful speech on how his emotions overcame him in the moment.
The passion put into the speech by the actor indicates that