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Macbeth evaluation

1A. The speaker is Lady Macbeth, and she is asking the spirits to make her evil from the bottom to the top, which is showing us that she is willing to do anything to be queen.

1B. Important quote because this is where she is going to convince Macbeth to kill Duncan so she can be queen.

1C. This quote shows that you can judge a book by its cover because Lady Macbeth seems all nice and sweet on the outside but then shows us she be evil and cruel on the inside.

1D. This quote is significant in terms of theme because it shows us that ambition and greed can overcome someone.

1E. “The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements.” Foreshadowing because it is giving us a clue that Duncan is going to die.

2A. The speaker is Banquo, and he is saying that Macbeth has become King, Cawdor, and Glamis, like the witches promised. He fears that Macbeth has killed Duncan to become king. If that prophecy is true then he will be the root and farther of many kings.

2B. Important quote because this is where Banquo gets suspicious about Macbeth and he and Macbeth are the only ones who know about the prophecy’s the witches have told them. This is why Macbeth wants to kill Banquo.

2C. This quote reveals that Banquo is very smart and is catching on to what Macbeth has done.

2D. This quote is significant in terms of theme because it shows us that fate and freewill can overcome a person like it did to Macbeth, but not Banquo.

2E.”But that myself should be the root and father of many kings.” Imagery, because I see a tree with Banquo on top, then a bunch of branches going down with people on them and at the top it says kings. I think Shakespeare used this literacy device so we could picture what he was picturing.

3A. The speaker is Macbeth, and he is getting news that Lady Macbeth has killed herself. He does not really care and says she was going to die anyways. This proves that Macbeth is a vicious animal and has no care in the world now because he has killed his best friends and his wife has died.

3B. This quote is important because it shows that Macbeth has no one around him he can trust. Now Mcduff and Malcolm are coming back to Scotland with a army to kill him.

3C. This quote is important because it shows us that Macbeth had truly become a monster.

3D. This quote is significant to the theme because as we go through the story Macbeth gets more greedy with power and wants to kill people who can overthrow him.

3E. “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” Repetition because it is repeating itself. This is also ironic because he won’t live till tomorrow.

4A. The speaker is Malcolm, and he is giving a speech to all the people in Scotland and telling them that it is ok now because he is king.

4B. This quote is important because it is telling the people of Scotland that Macbeths tyranny is over and that Scotland is starting a new era with a new king.

4C. This quote reveals that Malcolm is a good leader and should be the king of Scotland.

4D. This quote is significant in terms of theme because it shows us that fate will always prevail. For example Macbeth tries to change his fate and other peoples fate, but in the end he does not succeed.

4E. In this quote I see imagery because I see all the dark clouds