Essay about Macbeth: Family and Care Practices

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Working with the families
How do we exchange information with family members about the child’s physical and emotional care needs:
Our daily routines and the way in which we provide care practices in our services follow legislative guidelines and reflect our service’s philosophy.
Different cultures hold some very different values, beliefs and attitudes, and it is these values, beliefs and attitudes that guide the ‘way of life’ of these people.
Exchanging information
When parents ask questions about their child’s progress or development, they need information answers…. You may hear from parents:
“is she doing as well as other children her age”
“he loves coming here, but shouldn’t he be starting to read, or something?”
“what has my child done today”
“why is my child still in the toddlers room?”
More questions:
Why does he have to have a sleep everyday?
Does he have friends, is he happy during the day?
How much food does he eat during the day?
Jane is uncomfortable using the exposed toilets, I fear she holds on during the day
Reach agreement with family members about care practices
We are required by law to meet certain standards in the care practices we provide, many of our care practices can be somewhat flexible.
We can make adjustment and modifications to several off our practices to make them more acceptable to families with different values and beliefs.
Sometimes it is limitation and sometimes resource
Limitations are explained clearly and discussed
Financial resources: we all need to work within the parameters of our budget
Human resources: staffing, time available, level of knowledge, skill, experience
Physical resources: space, equipment, materials
Communicating with parents
Parents feelings about childcare should be acknowledged and supported in all conversations
It is important that parents are made aware of your dedication and professionalism
Encourage parents/ guardians to become more familiar with centre routines and practices
Encourage parents to be involved and see these routines and procedures in practice
We can reassure them that they have made the best possible decision for their child.
Communication breakdowns
Sometimes communicated breaks down or is misinterpreted by either families or staff members.
Communication or lack thereof, is often the cause of relationship breakdowns
We could communicate to her by media I would video what her child does or take some photos of her child but with the parent’s permission and she can also video call her if she wanted to see how she is, communication books, emails.
Facilitating a Child’s Transition into Care
Children often feel insecure in new environments, and can be anxious about being separated from their parents.
The anxiety for children and their families can be reduced