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Macbeth Film Quiz
Emily Scarfo
Section 4

I feel that the beginning of the film Macbeth was frightening. The hospital setting really
spooked me out with the dim flickering lights, bloody walls, dirty floor and other patients around.
Additionally, the bloody sergeant's trembling voice added to the daunting mood. At first, when
the nurses appeared, I thought that they were going to aid the sergant to health. Instead, the 3
creepy women surrounded him and tore his heart from his chest. That I felt was extremely
2.) One huge difference between the literary work and the film adaption is the setting itself. The
setting changes from the 15th century to a weird combination of Scotland and a

WW2 era. The
play mostly takes place in underground bunkers, and the witches are a trio of nurses who
wander around in the background. Speaking of the witches, they take their cues from
modern­day horror movies with time lapse photography to make their movements super freaky.
They show up in scenes where Shakespeare doesn't list them, never talking, but watching
Macbeth and everyone else with their spooky eyes. This tweak violates the text since they were
never put there. On the other hand, they don't have any dialogue in those scenes, and the fact
that they always seem to be lurking in the shadows emphasizes their status as unseen puppet
masters. In that sense, it still fits in the framework of the play, and makes the witches a lot
scarier as a result.
3.) The way the characters are portrayed in the film are younger than I expected. I thought
Macbeth and a couple of other characters would be older and have a totally different
appearance. For example, Macbeth should have been older and rode his horse with a sword.
Also, I thought the three witches should have looked scarier and much more evil;; long noses,
black eyes, sharp fingernails and dressed in black capes. Instead, the three women were
nurses that looked like they belonged in a hospital in the 50s. Although the characters are much
different than expected, I thought that they did an excellent job portraying the original
characters; especially in a totally…