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Case Study Assignment
Your group is responsible for the creation of a clinical case study which will incorporate the physiological, psychological, developmental, cultural and spiritual aspects of the client. Your group will choose a pathological condition common for the age group involving that specific system. Example: An elderly client with Alzheimer disease may be chosen on Workshop Six by the group assigned to the neurological system. In Workshop Two the group assigned to the integumentary system may choose a preschooler with chicken pox.
You will provide basic demographic information as well as a health history for your client (either real or created). If you are utilizing actual patient information, remember that HIPAA laws should be followed. Assessment and diagnostic data should include normal assessments findings and diagnostics done for a client with that disease process.

Case Study
Name of Students in Group:

Name of Body System and Developmental Age:

Patient Presentation: Include historical information including family history and genetic considerations, background as well as symptomology and tentative diagnosis.

Questions you MUST answer, providing scholarly sources for rationales.

1. Thorough and concise pathophysiology description showing connection to manifestations or signs and symptoms of the client.

2. Focused physical assessment findings for this client. Include normal results and as well as abnormal based on the pathological disease process.

Normal Assessment findings for body system
Expected assessment findings for client with
Pathophysiology causing change in findings

3. Laboratory and radiological finding of patient with this type of disorder. Rationale for the changes in the findings. (Must include a minimum of three).

Lab or radiological test
Normal findings
Expected findings in client with this disorder
Rationale for change in findings

4. Pharmacological classifications (minimum of three) you would expect to see ordered for this client. Include rationale as to why you would expect to see these types of medications ordered.

Pharmacological Classifications
Examples of drugs
Rationales for choice

5. Developmental considerations necessitated by this age group which must be incorporated into the plan of care. Some people believe that older adults are forgetful, confused, ill, disable, physically unattractive, unfriendly, can’t drive, and are not interested in sex. A small number of older adults have lost the ability to care for themselves, are confused and unable to make decisions for themselves. The majority of older adults are active, drive a vehicle, involved in the community, and have an active sex life. However when health care providers hold negative stereotypes about older adults it can adversely affect the quality of care provided. Some nurse may believe that the older adult is unable to learn new information. Although the process of learning may be affected by age-related changes in vision or hearing older adults are lifelong learners. As a nurse it’s important to use affective teaching strategies.
Make sure the patient is ready to learn before trying to teach.
Sit facing the patient so that they can watch your lips move.
Speak slowly.
Present one idea at a time.
Give the patient enough time to respond because older adult’s reaction time is longer than younger adults.