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Addy Rodriguez
A power-hungry Scottish man and his wife learn the price they will pay for violently seizing the throne. The story is filled with ghosts, witches, and intrigue. The story most likely takes place in the 1600s. They way they talk is like old England. In the story there are witches putting a spell on Macbeth. The setting mostly takes place in a castle. There are queens and kings so it’s most likely around the 1600-1700s in England. For example “On a lonely hilltop three witches held hands and turned in slow circles around a black cauldron.” also, “A fireball rose from the cauldron and exploded in the sky, turning its an eerie green. And when darkness returned, the witches were gone.” 1600s is when witches were mostly believed to be real. The main characters dilemma in the story is he has so many different people trying to kill him. He has witches putting curses on him. He has random people killing him for his throne. He has a lot of people trying to take his place as king.
A Scottish soldier (Macbeth) and his friend (Banquo) are met by three strange witches bearing prophetic greetings. Macbeth is told that, among other titles, he will become king. The rest of the play follows a once loyal soldier (Macbeth) into the depths of darkness and despair as he seeks the crown regardless of the consequences. The Sea Of Monsters, by Rick Riordan is a great adventure for young readers. It involves Greek Mythology, Mythologic Monsters, Greek Gods, and other really cool things. The setting is mostly in Camp Half-Blood, on a ship, or fighting enemies, but the conflict of the story