Macbeth Is A Fallen Man Essay

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"Macbeth is a fallen man, representing nothing\" is a false statement because He represented something, just not in a positive light. Macbeth accomplished a lot and was intelligent but a fool all at the same time.

Macbeth represented perseverance because he never gave up. (Act 1 scene 3) The witches told Macbeth that he would be king and that Banquo would be the father of kings. Macbeth did not wait for the witches words to become true. Macbeth went out of his way to make sure the witches’ lies came true. This shows that Macbeth had ambition and was eager to become something important whilst wanting power. He was important and represented what it meant to persevere. Therefore, Macbeth represented something, just not in a positive light.

Macbeth became king of Scotland using his intelligence. Macbeth represented a man who possessed intelligence. Even though Macbeth was foolish because he went too far to make his fake destiny become reality, he still managed to plan and execute a plan that made him king for a period of time.
A foolish man could not have done what Macbeth did. This shows that Macbeth also represented a man with intelligence and a powerful mind. The only thing that made Macbeth fall was the greed and him not realizing what he had become and also what led to his becoming.

Macbeth had accomplished many things and was persistent. Macbeth represents what he became. He became a king and was a thane. Although Macbeth is a fallen man, he represent all that he