Macbeth: Macbeth and Compelling Visual Images Essay

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Macbeth's movement from centrality to isolation is a major theme of the play. This pattern, which is progressive , encompasses the entire play and expresses an essential process in every tragedy; the hero must confront his Karma or destiny.

Macbeth begins the play as a central and admired figure in his society and ends by being totally estranged.

The early sections of the play focus on Macbeth as a hero and a figure of admiration. He is regarded as the saviour of the country. This is evident in the Captain's account of exploits in 1,ii and the king's lavish praise 1,iv,.

The process of isolation begins sometime after this with his dedication to the powers of evil. Even before Duncan's murder Macbeth become isolated from his God in "wherefore could I not pronounce Amen?"

Duncan's murder hastens the process of Macbeths isolation. Malcolm and Donalbain flee him(2,iii,119) and Banquo comments on his state "How now, my lord, Why do you keep alone?" . The banquet scene marks a decisive state in his alienation from his subjects and from his wife. She who has been "dearest partner of greatness" (1,v,10) is reduced to a passive, weary listener. The collapse of this relationship happens shortly afterwards,leaving tha protagonist alone.

The final movement of £,iv has compelling visual images of Amcbeth's separation from his subjects who leave in hasty and abrupt fashion.

The final movement of the play opens with news of growing oppostion to Macbeth and of the intrigue