Macbeth: Macbeth and Loyal Subject Essay

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How and why does Macbeth change from war hero to Evil murderer?

In this play Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a brave and loyal subject, but soon the role reverses and he becomes a killer. He has many influences into the change in character including his estranged wife, the 3 witches and his friend Banquo, but what was the main focus of this change? Macbeth is described as a war hero by the injured captain. In act 1 scene 2 the injured captain is a hero by saying “his brandished steel/ which smoked with bloody execution”. Saying His brandished steel” (sword) “Smoked” means that he was unstoppable; therefore he killed and killed again. This behaviour repeated later in the play when hours after he kills Duncan he kills the guards to cover up his tracks. The phrase “bloody execution” meant that he was not shocked or disturbed by the blood and gore on his shoulders. Also the word “execution” means that the deaths were unpreventable and just another part of life. This is the first impression for the reader/ audience about Macbeth, sadly this is not necessarily taken throughout the play. This also makes them feel uneasy about his character and that he has no conscience. Macbeth is confused about what the witches are saying. In act 1 scene 3 Macbeth says “stay you imperfect speakers” Which means there may have been more than 1 answer to their riddles. Once again all this behaviour is repeated when Macbeth revisits the witches ( 3:4) and they tell him he is safe until