Macbeth: Macbeth and Senior Writing Assignment Essays

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Tyler Rogulich
Period 7
Senior Writing Assignment

Throughout the story there was a numerous amount of characters but one was a noble warrior who is the best that King Duncan’s land has ever seen. His name was Macbeth and he was a tough general in Duncan’s army, behind Duncan and his son he was next in line for the thrown. He didn’t find that out however until he ran into three witches who prophesized his future, he was also told about his friend Banquo who would raise kings that would overthrow. Macbeth right away wanted the power and he knew the only way to do so was to kill King Duncan. So Macbeth plotted with Lady Macbeth to assassinate the King, when all was said and done Macbeth had killed him and his dear friend Banquo but not his son and became king. He soon ran back to the witches and found out that not only will Banquo’s son will become king but he will have a string of eight more to bear the thrown behind him. I think that Macbeth was the least justified of his actions. To become king he killed dear friends and forced people away from the kingdom besides the murderers and crooks. Macbeth got corrupted by the power and he was power hungry, he did things because he was scared of losing the power after doing so much to get it. Everybody made Macbeth out to be some strong brave warrior. But in my honest opinion I thought he was the weakest of all, he didn’t have a strong heart or strong soul. To be strong of heart you have to deny evil temptations and to kill your own friends for power shows how weak of heart and soul someone truly is. But on the other side whoever was more justified I