Macbeth: Middle Ages and Scottish Lord Essay

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MACBETH – Lady Macbeth
About the Play
The play was written by William Shakespeare in 1606 and it was set in Scotland. The play was about a Scottish lord called Macbeth who, with the help of his wife had chosen a route of evil to fulfil his desire of power. He commits regicide to become king and even after being king he murders many other innocent people along the way in order to stay in power

How is Lady Macbeths behaviour depicted as rational?
First of all, Lady Macbeth was a women in Medieval Scotland. Women were less likely to have power and were more or less in the shadows of their husbands. Lady Macbeth seems rational as she feels as though she needs to gain some worth and importance, being a queen she could have them both.

How is Lady Macbeths behaviour depicted as irrational?
Lady Macbeth’s behaviour seems irrational because in the 17th century many people were Christians and they believed that God appointed the king to be the person in control of the kingdom therefore if her and Macbeth murder a monarch (regicide) they will be disobeying Gods will. In addition to that, Lady Macbeth turns away from reality and all that is good and instead of asking help from god she calls upon supernatural beings. “Come you spirits…”

How is lady Macbeth depicted as an untraditional women?
Women around the middle ages were expected to be quiet and obedient, they were seen to be timid, kind and gentle. However, Lady Macbeth is not a woman to be laid with all these type