Macbeth Movie Letter Essay

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Dec 11, 2012

Ms. To Ht
VP – Film Financing and Funding
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Attention: Ms. Coy
Re: Film Production Proposal

My name is Alice Johns. I have made many past films and want to interest you in my latest film. I want to introduce a film proposal of Macbeth. It will change with the original Macbeth to a new more modernized story. It will be taking place with two rival high schools with two competing principals for the job of being the superintendent for both the schools.

Macbeth (Johnny Depp) would play the role of the Principal at a high school called Lisgar and Malcolm (Christopher Walken) is the principal of the competing school called Glebe. One day Macbeth overhears three students gossiping about how great it would be if he became the superintendent. This job never occurred to Macbeth until that moment and he told his wife about it later on. His wife, Ms. Macbeth (Angelina Jolie) wanted the extra money from the job and she devised a plan for him to kill the superintendent. The superintendent’s name is Duncan (Morgan Freeman) and is in the hospital due to sickness. Ms. Macbeth’s plans for Macbeth was to tell his students to tell the Glebe students to overrule their school keeping their principal distracted. While Macbeth kills Duncan at the hospital making it seem like he died from his “sickness”. When Duncan dies Malcolm is supposed to be the next in line for the