Macbeth: Murder and Fellow Englishmen Essay

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My fellow Englishmen! I am speaking to you in order to share with you a terrible tragedy that has occurred. I am telling you this horrific story because I think of you people as my trustworthy allies that I could rely on. I am pleading for your help to defeat the unpredictable Macbeth because of the appalling acts he is performing against the innocent land of Scotland.

Macbeth has committed various acts of unacceptable murders and crimes towards innocent people. There has never been a time while I was on this planet that I have been so uncontrollably furious with ones act. As you see the steam shoot out from my ears I will begin to share one of the most horrific acts Macbeth has performed. A man by the name Macduff, a good friend of mines family has been brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Have you ever been in a situation where a person so close to you’s family was murdered for no reason at all? If you have, you have probably felt what I am feeling right now, if not, may G-d bless you with having you never feel that feeling.

If I were the ruler of Scotland, I could assure you that these disgusting way of mass murder will be changed. I promise you wonderful englishmen and the people of Scotland that I will make a wonderful king but more than that, a trustworthy friend to all. I want to gain all of your votes on me being the new king after we defeat the deranged Macbeth.

Now to end I want to gain the trust of you Englishmen to help me defeat Macbeth in