Macbeth: Photography and Anna Geddes Anne Essay

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Victoria Fletcher Anna Geddes

Anne was born and raised in Queensland, Australia but it was to be many years later that her photographic career would unfold. It wasn’t until she met her husband Kel in Australia and moved to Hong Kong in 1983 for Kel’s television work, that Anne took some time to re-evaluate her career, and with no past experience decided to begin her own small portraiture business. With a very basic Pentax K1000 given to her by Kel, Anne began photographing the children of neighbors and friends, and taught herself the building blocks of the craft that would set her on an amazing journey of life experiences. Anne has said of this time; over the next few months I began to discover how passionate I was about photography, and knew I never wanted to do anything else. After two years in Hong Kong and having built up a portfolio of images, Anne and Kel returned to Sydney, Australia where they welcomed their first daughter Stephanie in 1984. With Kel working in the television industry, Anne worked at home while taking care of Stephanie where she created her first photographic holiday card for her family. The card featured a photo of Stephanie, and got such a positive reaction it led to requests from friends and soon, the launch of her small personalized greeting card business was born. Her award-winning photographs of babies are visual representations of her deeply held belief that we must protect, nurture, and love all children. First released in New Zealand and Australia, they have become classic icons celebrating birth and life that now grace a range of