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OBJECT #1: Public Service Announcement about Taco Bell

The first item I am comparing the play “Macbeth” with is a PSA about tacos. This PSA is trying to raise awareness amongst people about fake images being put in the advertisement just to persuade people to buy their products. I am relating this to the characters in the play who are not like what they appear to be.

Analysis: Theme Connection – Appearance vs. Reality

Macbeth starts off being a very good and loyal to his king, but as the play evolves on he showed his true colours. Just like how the taco that is shown in the advertisement looks very pretty and delicious, but when you actually go to buy it, it's completely opposite of what you have seen in the advertisement. It is the same case with the characters in the play "Macbeth". In the play, Macbeth, who allows his wife to convince him to think that murdering the king is the only for him to become the next king. He goes on doing what they had planned out. Now, they need hide whatever they have done. In order to do this, Lady Macbeth has to go back and “gild the faces of the grooms withal, for it must seem their guilt”, making the servants seem guilty, much like hiding their real appearance. In the beginning of the play, no one suspects that Macbeth could be the murderer, even when he confessed killing the servants. Everyone assumed that because the servants were found with the daggers, it must be them who committed the crime, but in reality the truth is not it appears to be. Macbeth was the actual killer.
Another best example would the king himself. Until his death, King Duncan was deceived by Macbeth’s false loyalty. When the Thane of Cawdor had been found guilty of being a traitor and was hanged, King Duncan thought so proudly of Macbeth, that he gave the title to him. The Thane then ironically dies with pride while Macbeth dies a rival of Scotland. The King was under the false impression that Macbeth was a loyal, calling him “O valiant cousin” (Act 1 ii #24), but Macbeth was actually already planning to kill the King. Even when Duncan goes to visit Macbeth, he praises the castle’s of Inverness pleasant environment and hospitality, “This castle hath a pleasant seat” (Act 1 vi #1), but is totally unaware of Macbeth’s plans to murder him. Duncan never suspects the trustworthy of Macbeth and never does anything to guard himself. Therefore Duncan has deceived by Macbeth’s appearance, just like people are deceived by the fake images in the advertisements.
Lady Macbeth is also a character in the play that illustrates a very deceiving identity. In reality, she is very fearful and sensitive. She appears as strong. She doesn't want to kill Duncan because it reminds her too much of her father. An example of Lady Macbeth acting too strong is in the following quote: “And we'll not fail. When Duncan is asleep whereto the rather shall his day's hard journey soundly invite him his two chamberlains will I with wine and wassail so convince" (Act 1 vii #69-75). She is telling Macbeth to gather courage to kill King Duncan when he goes to sleep. Inside of her she is very fearful of killing him, and it torments her so much to the point where she commits suicide. This shows that how weak she is. It is obvious that she is nothing than what she seems to be.
In conclusion, no matter how hard you try to hide your real appearance, it will eventually be exposed.

Object #2: Story
Lord of the Flies

The second item I am comparing the play "Macbeth" with is the story "Lord of the flies". It is all about boys fighting over power. I am relating it to the main character Macbeth who became power greedy as play evolved.

Analysis: Theme Connection - Power

There are some similarities of every man. Men have hair on our legs and backs, usually the head of the house hold. But there is one thing that isn’t always the explicit in a man’s life, the hunger for power. There is an evil