Macbeth Public reaction Essay

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Tuning in live with a breaking story its reporter Smith Gutierrez here. All of Scotland is in distraught these waking hours as news breaks that our holy King was found dead. This morning 5:30 a.m. a witness found King Duncan with two of his guards murdered inside his castle. This was not a pretty scene investigators say that the victims including King Duncan were stabbed multiple times.

The Thane of Cawdor Macbeth spoke out to Banquo and Prince Malcolm and Prince Donalbain and said that he woke up and saw that the guards had the King’s blood on them so he murdered the two guards without thinking. While expressing himself Macbeth seemed to be quite shakey and telling an odd story causing suspicion among the King’s close family and friends. Close insiders say that after the news was given that both sons of Duncan fled out of Scotland for the safety their own lives. The fleeing of both princes are rising suspicion that these two could be the devilish murderers of their own father the great King of Scotland King Duncan. Macbeth a loyal man and warrior will now be named the King of Scotland. We went out in the streets to see what the public’s reaction to this tragedy and got many mixed feelings on the tragedy. We interviewed a baker named Marry Lynn she shock she said “I don’t know if this is real or not. Our King was a great man, he looked out for our people and was not cruel to anyone. He was the last one to deserve something of this nature. The fact that the killers are still out there have me very scared , if they’re willing to kill the king there’s essentially no one they won’t murder. It’s not safe for anyone I just hope King Macbeth can get to the bottom of this.” Our crew then caught up with the towns local blacksmith Leroy Tinypaggin his response was “Heartbreaking… simply heartbreaking the king was a good ma. I wish I could replace his death with my own life. He was loyal