Macbeth Research Paper

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There are questions bouncing around Scotland tonight; as Scotland has a new King, to my delight is Prince Malcom. Without a doubt we all agree he is the man for the job, especially now King Macbeth is dead, coincidently days after his wife’s suicide.
As you know, Macbeth took over from King Duncan after being brutally murdered in his sleep, during his time as a guest at the Macbeths. Two of the Macbeth’s staff faced murder charges for the stabbing and sentenced to prison. Following the death of their father, Prince Malcolm and Donalbain abdicated to Brazil, who knows their reasons. This meant that Macbeth became king by elimination, who else was going to fill King Duncan’s shoes? So Macbeth was the man for the job. We observed Macbeth’s air of unease as King and the obvious signs of
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As a nation I felt our hopes were on Banquo becoming king, but that wasn’t to be, due to his remains being identified by the the roadside. Macbeth’s climbed the monarchy social circle very quickly and he became what we all initially believed to be a loyal friend to the king Duncan.
However, evidence has come to light that incites both of the Macbeth’s to King Duncan’s and Banquo’s death. Allegedly the weapons used for the murder of King Duncan have been found, apparently with DNA of both the Macbeths. Last night the police detained two renowned criminals, as possessions belonging to Lord Banquo were found at their residence. The police are also currently questioning three elderly sisters whose identities are being withheld for legal reasons.
Now to the thorn in everyone’s side; Lady Macbeth. We all remember those pictures splattered across every tabloid of her in her pyjamas in a different location: day after day, week after weeks. One of the more memorable headlines was “Where’s Wally”, because of her sleep walking took her all over