Macbeth: United States Declaration of Independence and Revolution Essay

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Robert Campos
English II period.3
31 October 2010
The Glorious, American, and French Revolutions all had different outcomes but same occurrences. They all had change in government, some sort of violence, and a new document created by the revolution. However they all had their own strategies and events that led to the change. Each revolution was a success and better than before the revolution. Although the revolutions are different, the first main thing they share is change in government. Before the Glorious revolution Britain had a monarchy. After the revolution they limited the monarchy to a limited monarchy. I think that it did affect the people, and by changing it to a limited monarchy it strengthened the government. Before the American Revolution, England had almost full control over America. After the revolution America built its backbone and created a representative democracy. The American revolution was so important because without it we wouldn’t have freedom. Before the French revolution the French were under control by an absolute monarchy. After the French revolution the French created a representative republic. The French revolution allowed France to create a more beneficial government. All three revolutions had a written document that protected them in some way. King James II was using his power for evil like taking away power from parliament. William and Mary accepted from parliament a bill of rights. In my opinion it was very big to limit the power of the king because he was taking advantage of his power. The American Revolution there was over twenty four battles in a six year time span. The Americans issued the declaration of independence that was written on July 4th 1776 by Thomas Jefferson. This is a major part of U.S. history and is one of our most prized possessions in the world. During the French revolution the national assembly adopted the declaration of the rights of man. This was influenced by the