Macbeth: Vietnam War and forward Defence Essay

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Explain Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War

Reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War are: The alliance with America, The Domino effect and Fear of Communism, Request for Australian involvement (ANZUS and SEATO) and the Forward defence.
The American alliances: The reason we wanted to have an alliance with America because if Australia did not help America now, then America might not come to Australia in her hour of need, if it ever arose. Also, Australia showed it’s supported for America when in 1966 the US President Lyndon Baines Johnson, popularly known was L.B.J., arrived in Australia and was given a welcome usually reserved for royalty. The new Australian Prime minister, Harold Holt who replaced Menzies declared to L.B.J on behalf of Australia: “You have an admiring friend, a staunch friend what will be all the way with L.B.J
The Domino Effect and Fear of Communism: The reason we in fear of Communism was because Vietnam geographically is on Australia’s doorstep. If South Korea was to fall to communism and other Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Malaya were to follow- then maybe Australia, this is domino effect theory. Request for Australian involvement (ANZUS and SEATO): In late 1962 when the number of Viet Cong activities started to arise, the Americans turned to the SEATO treaty to help with the situation in Vietnam. Then they started to ask other countries in the SEATO treaty to send troops as military advisors. In November 1961 the Menzies government did not respond immediately as they were in the middle of