Essay on Macbeth's corruption

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Macbeth and Bashar Al-Assad First, Macbeth was a loyal solider. He begins his transformation with a murder. After that, he become a dictator and an evil person who has no mercy. Macbeth was a good soldier. But, when he became a King, he transformed from a good person to a bad person. He hired assassins to do the dirty work. Also, his greed makes him kill everyone to take the power. Macbeth said, ''Let not light see my black and deep desires.'' being honored by King Duncan, Macbeth wrestles with his desire to murder him. Also, his wife Lady Macbeth supports him to do his first murder. Lady Macbeth said, "But screw your courage to the sticking-place, and we'll not fail."Lady Macbeth challenges Macbeth to commit to the plan to murder King Duncan. So that led him to be killed in a bad way in the end. Second, Bashar Al- Assad is the President of Syria since2000 for 14 years. He was born in September 11, 1965, in Damascus, Syria. He is married to Asma Al-Assad. He volunteered for working for his country. Shortly later, he worked in the Syrian Army in the medical services department. In addition, he promoted to the rank of lieutenant general and selected to be a commander in chief of the Syrian Army. Later, he got a promotion to be the President of Syria. He was a good person and a loyal solider, but after he become the president of Syria he transformed from a good person to a bad person. He and his government started to steal people's money. So people started a revolution against him. Bashar respond to his country revolution in an aggressive way. He starts killing people by sending his group. They are named as (Shabeha) to kill people who are against Bashar Al-Assad and his law. He did a lot of massacres until this time. For example, Al-Gouta, Damascus, Syria in August 21, 2013, people call it ''Al Gouta chemical attack''1,729 thousand innocent