Machete: Film and Great Story Line Essay

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From the opening scenes of Machete, the amateur movie critic inside of me was already able to sense how the director planned to portray the movies Mise-en-Scene. From the violent fight scenes, vulgar language and special effects; I was instantly hooked before the opening credits had even crossed the screen. The style of this particular film contained for the most part colors that the audience could relate to the Mexican culture. However, the color that completely dominated the film was red; the color of the blood being spilled in almost every scene. Dark ominous colors and the sudden influx of violent scenes really set the tone for what was to be expected. As far as the main character goes, he was without a doubt made out to be a total badass. As a man in his late fifties, he was somehow invincible. He sustained multiple shot wounds, gouges, falls and even then he was able to take down every one of his opponents. There were a few different times that the camera cut to a close up to the hero (Machete) so that he could say something clever, this device acted to direct our attention to how awesome he is. In real life he would be considered a superhuman, this is when it becomes apparent to me that this movie was not based on realistic situations. This leads me to discuss the special effects and action scenes. By about the halfway point of the movie I stopped taking it very seriously because some of the scenes had very overdramatic situations that honestly made me chuckle. Now don’t get me wrong, there were a few points in the movie that caught me off guard by the comedic value of what was being said or done. By throwing in these little moments, it really was able to lighten the mood of the audience. When it comes to the location of the movie, most of it was based in what seemed to be the…