Machiavelli: Barack Obama and Machiavelli Essay

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Tyler Hardin Hardin 1
Mrs. Mimna
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26 November 2011

Leaders Throughout the Ages My father is an unusual man in that he displays nearly all of human emotions (sometimes in a matter of minutes.) He can be extremely angry one minute and comforting and calm the next. Having said this, he is what some would say unpredictable. In his life he has been a teacher at Northland High School (some would call it the “hood”), and also coached football there. Whether from this coaching or from birth, he is the loudest man I know. Many kids say that their dad is loud but my dad is truly raucous. Working at Northland has taught him “not to take any crap from people”, to put it in his terms. This means, at 6 foot 1 and 210ish pounds, he is a force to be reckoned with. ESPECIALLY when he is angry. He has told me countless stories of broken up fights, knifes, and even once a grenade in the building (it turned out to be fake.) Despite his rather large stature and sometimes infuriated mood, he has always refrained from hitting me, even once and for that I have a lot of respect for him. This is because there have been a few incidences where it might have been deserved, but he refrained from spanking me. He claims “that’s how I was brought up and I believe that it isn’t the only way.” Throughout my life I have been forced to do many tedious chores and during all of these I have been told how fortunate I am. I believe now it is finally dawning on me just how right he was. From all of this one might gather that I consider my dad to be a callous man. Truth be told I believe the exact opposite of him. I am now beginning to realize how much my father has done for me throughout my entire life. He has been there to guide me through any situation and sometimes gave me a little shove in the right direction. One of the most important qualities I believe he has taught me is honesty. When I was 10 I Hardin 2 was caught in the act of lying for some petty reason and was forced to write out “I will not tell lies” fifty times. This punishment in particular I hated because it was so time consuming. I ended up doing this punishment another 3 times or so before I refused to tell even a “harmless white lie”. My father has been with me not only as a parent but also as a friend and a coach. In these different aspects he has taught me leadership, decision making, and trust. These qualities help define me and I am convinced I would not have them if it wasn’t for my dad. I am proud to call Bill Hardin my father and I know that I always will be.
There has been much controversy over the past few years of the leadership of President Barack Obama, and I find myself believing the best of him, which is why I chose him as my second leader. First and foremost, to become the President of the United States requires a strong, shrewd, and capable leader. Rising to this position requires strength mentally and physically. President Obama is an average sized man but his voice on the other hand, is much greater than average. To speak of the President is to speak of his voice, and his uncanny ability to make others believe what he is saying. Barack Obama is a middle-aged man who has risen through life to become the head of the most powerful country in the world. Surprisingly for a president, he is found to be rather athletic. In his various speeches and public appearances he has attempted to fluctuate the minds of citizens to bring them towards his way of thinking. Despite these things I admit he became president at a very difficult time and he has been blamed falsely for many catastrophes in the country. However, the President of the United States ought to be the greatest leader in the nation, otherwise why is he president? That is why many believe he is not a great president, because they believe he is not working to his full potential. I agree with this opinion in that he could be doing more than he is doing currently, but I think that he is…