Machiavelli: Fidel Castro and Machiavelli Essay

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Machiavelli’s work was indeed of much importance for our present. He was born in Italy, Florentine, in the year 1469 and died in 1527. He’s work could not be more present today than ever had been. Although Machiavelli’s work “The Prince” was based in a large and complex historically and politically background; I will try only to focus in his idea of politics and the association that we can make of this to our days. From My personal perspective it is hard to say that Machiavelli’s work it is not far from our truth. But I have to take the caution to analyze it as what it is and not as what I want it to be. The same way that Machiavelli tried to show us his perspective not as what it should be but actually what it was like (Real Politics). There are many points, that I wish not to go through without analyzing them but it is out of my reach for my purpose to go into them. Seen into our present, the world and the political figures that have emerged from it we can do a comp ration or a retrospective from Machiavelli’s view. I going to take one in particularly, to try to analyze what Machiavelli thought was a proper ruler. When I said ruler, I am referring to the concept of Machiavelli, of a “Prince “, ruler or the person that was in charge of the state matters. This person should by Machiavelli have certain cualites, or abilities to keep, prolong and sustained his power. Those abblilities that are very well explained by Machiavelli, can be resume in , Morality , Humanity, Tolerance, Dignity and the ability to not to pay attention to them when the state matters depend of it. As Machiavelli states “think as a fox and act as a lion “. There are many political figures in our present days which I could compare or try to mach to Machiavelli’s ideas. Taking one in particularly I’m going to focus in Fidel Castro.
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (born August 13, 1926) is a communist Cuban politician, one of the primary leaders of the Cuban Revolution . He held power of Cuba for over 45 years making him this century, to Machiavelli idea of a ruler one of the most successful ones. There is no moral or immoral for Machiavelli but just amoral. A cruel concept that can explain the succeed of such long periods of government. There are several techniques