Machines: Generation Y and Video Games Essay

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October 12, 2012

Impact of machines on our day to day life-

Machines have completely taken over our lives. We use machines of various kinds, shapes, sizes, utilities to help us in our day to day tasks. It is indeed a matter of debate on whether the consequences are good or bad. We will debate on that later but now, let us concentrate on how and what are the various machines the author is referring to.
Children do not go out to play games, as they prefer sitting indoors and spending time on their favorite play-stations or the latest video games. Outdoor games which is essential (or should I say was) part of growing up has taken the back seat. This leads to all kinds of complications as physical activity which is an absolute necessity is missing from the lives of our children. Video games and the constant glare of the television affect various faculties of the human body. Children tend to spend in the confinement of their living rooms, which does not allow to be familiar with others thus leading to a society which does not care for its’ neighbor; where each man fends for himself.

People tend to spend time on the walker or the treadmill with the air conditioner on full-blast rather than go for a walk/stroll in the neighborhood park in the fresh air. It is needless to mention the benefits of a brisk morning walk along with so many others. There were times when people across all walks of life and generations spend quite some time walking together, which was good not only for the health but even for the society as this leads to so exchange of ideas, a sense of comfort, a re-assurance that they are so many more like me and if the need arises I can reach out to them.
Most of do not even remember the last time we wrote a letter. It would not be an exaggeration if today’s generation tells us that they do not know how a letter looks like. Benefits of writing one were…