Maclean's Magazine Analysis

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Maclean’s magazine is used by many individuals to decide which university is best suited for them. Having to decide what university to attend is already a big decision, so the magazine releases a ranking for universities across Canada to try and make choosing a university easier for future students and their parents. In this ranking the magazine divide the Canadian universities in three categories based on the type of institution it is, the amount of research funding received, the offerings of the university as well as the breadth and depth of their graduate programs (Dwyer, 2013). Majority of universities are included in the ranking expect for schools with 1000 or less full-time student.
Moving forward, the way they create these rankings
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Going to an open house would be more efficient in choosing a post-secondary school because you have the opportunity to learn about the phenomenon that is a university. Also you can learn about all the services available to student, you get to experience the campus and get a feel of the atmosphere. It does not seem appropriate to rate a teacher based on the awards they have won because even though they have made great progress in their research and have discover useful technology, medicine, etc.… It is does not make them it good teacher, it simply makes them knowledgeable, and in my opinion it take a lot more than just knowledge to be a good professor. I am not confident that these methods or results would help me chose a university because it is not focus on my needs or my learning style. It is a broad image of the university as a whole with no focus on my specific program, residence or student services. From what it appears this magazine does not have a very ethical approach because the results of the study to me indeed as Sebastien would say useless (Sebastien, 2014). For the reason that all the information provided has almost no relevance to making a decision on what university to attend. They also leave out smaller universities that could possibly have a lot to offer …show more content…
The people that are posting feedback claim to be students but there is no proof that they are, it is possible for any individual to post a comment or rating about a professor (Heffernan, 2010). I agree that is not valid or reliable because it has no data to prove what it is saying, it is all a matter of opinion. Another reason it is invalid is it does not include all faculty members, there are some professors that are not include on this website. So how can the university be evaluated as a whole when not all faculty members are included? It is also not the best way to discover the phenomenon of the specific university because once again the situation that supposed students are experiencing may be false. In continuation, if a professor is doing a good job, usually they will receive good reviews on this website but, then they can be seen as an easy grader or a slack teacher. This may not be the case, they could be doing such an incredible job teaching students the content that the students feel it is easy when really the teacher is just doing a good job at explaining it and relating it to things people are more likely to understand. On the other hand, sometimes good teachers get bad reviews because one student had a bad experience in the class and wants everyone to know that the teacher fails