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Optimising my video
I have made a really big video which is made up of loads of videos, images, music and animations. This means the file size is really big and could be difficult to email or upload to a website. I need to compress the video to make it more efficient to be used. I am going to do this by using windows movie maker.
I can choose to save it as an avi file or a wmv file. When you choose a bit rate you have some options. You can choose a high bit rate which will make it a high quality but will make the file extremely large. You only need a high bit rate if you have a lot of movement like an action movie, but my video doesn’t so I will make it a small bit rate which will make it a smaller size and quicker to upload/save to different areas.
The next thing I need to change is my display size. If you have a large display size the amount of pixels is greater giving an excellent quality image, however this makes it extremely large. I will use a relatively small display size so I get the balance between quality and size just right.
I now need to choose the aspect ratio. There are two choices. There is 4:3 which is referred to as standard and 16:9 which is referred to as widescreen. As my video will be mostly viewed on a cd rom or desktop/laptop then 4:3 will be more than adequate.
The next thing is frames per second. The more frames per second you use the larger the video will be, but it will run smoothly. If you select a small FPS then the video size will be