Compare And Contrast Native Childhood And Indian Childhood

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Since the colonial time in late 1800’s, there was always a challenge of masculinity in the dominant culture. At that time there was two tell stories were written and was different from European – American Culture. They were Indian Boyhood and Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas. They were both challenged in various ways including fighting skills, Gathering things, strengths and willingness to give up on something they cared the most. These things were necessary for both Indian Boyhood and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas tell stories to survive in dominant culture. Yet according to the three archetypes (genteel patriarch, heroic artisan, and self-made man), they do not make them seem any more masculine. Firstly, the Dakota (Indians) had a tough life growing up in 1860’s with many challenges and complication ahead in their life. Dakota men were honest, hunting skills, and well as the fighting skills. Because of this they were most reliable and helpful to their families and the village. Women in the village worked but different job then that men did. Men stayed mostly outdoors to hunt and to defend the village. Many young Dakota boys liked to go hunting and fishing with their fathers, they learned how to defend the village by watching their fathers. This is how Dakota boys prepare to become Dakota men. To prove their manhood, they had to do physical activities and able to fight to defend the village. Also, in some point in the story it mentions dieting was a big deal. The rule of two meals a day was closely observed by the men. Survival was the biggest concern in their village. Secondly, the slaves in Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas wanted more freedom then just able to survive. In the colonial time in late 1800’s slavery started in southern and some in northern. Slaves were forced to work under a white person. They didn’t have independent. They were punished for not following the rules. Freedom and survival from the slavery ware their biggest concern. The main character Douglas proved his manhood by getting the freedom. Although it wasn’t easy for him to become free. He had to go though lot of risk to become free. For example, he taught himself how to read and write. Their masters ( slave owners) don’t want their slaves to do that because they think they are no good if they are smart and they might try to escape. For Douglas education was very important because he knew it was the key to the freedom. He had great opportunity for it because he was young and didn’t have as much responsibilities as the older slaves so he had time to teach himself. Most of the older slaves were forced to work in the farm. Once douglas moved to the north he was happy because he had little freedom. That’s where he had teaching lessons