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Identify Risk and Plan Risk Management

Assessment 1

Submission details (Due: week 6) Candidate’s name | | Student ID | | Assessor’s name | Olga Borovkova | Email | | Assessment site | Cambridge International College | Assessment date/s | | Time/s | |

Risk Context 2
Have your read the assessment????? 2 Your role and task 3
Internal Risks Context 3
External Risks Context 4
Evaluation Criteria 4
MacVille Risk 4
Check list 5
Stakeholders 5
Research 5
Risks 5
Risk Analysis 5 Risk likelihood table 5
Risk consequences table 6
Risk Matrix table 6
Level of risks for MacVille 6
Risk evaluation 6
Control Measures 7
Resources 7
Consultation 7
Appendices 7
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* Discuss key aspects of AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 followed, such identification, consultation, analysis, evaluation (in written reflection). * Discuss other legislation that you must be familiar with to know when starting the project (Privacy, Antidiscrimination)

Evaluation Criteria
What will be criteria for risk acceptance?
Occupational Health and Safety acceptance
Profit loss acceptance

MacVille Risk
Here you have to identify risks using SWOT analysis, checklist, stakeholders requirements, any research.
See the marking guide:
Identify risks using tools, ensuring all reasonable steps have been taken to identify all risks? * For example, checklists, notes of consultation with stakeholders. * Risk could include, but is not limited to: * risk to supplies and production: insufficient training of PNG workers; poor weather, natural disasters * risk to profitability and sales * risk to brand reputation * risk to motivation and buy-in of existing Australian workers with regard to the new venture (may threaten domestic jobs, working conditions, advancement) * risk to health and safety of workers * risks to legal compliance * risk of dangers to MacVille employees and contractors: transportation accidents; kidnappings * theft of assets, including intellectual