Creative Writing: Mad About Her

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Mad About Her It was yet another lonely night that I sat slumped on my couch single and unhappy. I was looking at my cellular phone longing for a caller. I was thinking to myself that I must be a pitiful person to consider internet dating. I thought of unsavory characters that might stalk or even harm me, crossed my mind. Eventually, I decided against the little voice that was telling me not to take such a chance. I was unaware with this risk I would meet the definition of dedication and loyalty. The day Harlem came into my life, I met the definition of dedication and loyalty. I started this new season in my life five years ago, alone in a big city. I often felt as if I were a little girl lost at an amusement park. I relocated from my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and traveled 360 miles away to Cleveland, Ohio. I yearned to pioneer my own ancestry away from the only home I have even knew. It was not until loneliness took over that I began to miss companionship. I stood nervous and tense as I peeked through the kitchen window at my front lawn. Harlem was smoothly coasting up the driveway in a sleek emerald green car. I dashed to my bedroom to take one last look at my attire. I plopped down on the edge of my bed as I felt my heart palpitating. I heard my visitor knocking as I walked towards the door, I began trembling uncontrollably. I slightly opened the door, and there stood what I claim as my kismet. I came across my love via the internet and since then my life has never been the same. Harlem has the most charming face I have ever seen. She may have a diminutive stature, but this never stops her from making an effort, to reach what she cannot. I chuckle when I hear her jumping in the kitchen. I know she is attempting to retrieve a certain spice from the cabinets. Her pride will not allow her to feel petite. A light in her tawny eyes brings vivacity to my spirit, when she looks in my direction. There is a shift of attention in a room when she struts through. Her walk is an example of her dominant demeanor. Entering into any social event, she is envied. Noticing the glares she receives, always puts a smirk on my face. I know it is because of her bodacious attitude that is lingering in the air. Harlem may appear to be a smug woman, but her humble heart is evident. She has opened up my once barricaded heart and unleashed the bubbly side of me that was once dead. She is an outstanding support system for me, a true motivator. There are times when the pursuit of education weighs heavy on my spirit; her words create an eruption of encouragement. She has a way with words that inspire me, to keep pressing forward. I thought Harlem would be selfish or self-centered like other women before her. Nevertheless, to my surprise Harlem has been the opposite, nothing less than compassionate and kind. Harlem’s devotion to our family manifests in her actions. I watch her sacrifice for our family that consists of three dogs and me. There are times when I observe Harlem dragging herself from the car to the front door. Her shoulders slumped from exhaustion, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep, and her uniform barely clinging to her shoulders. Nevertheless, she musters up enough strength to spend quality time with our family. After long day at work, watching her wrestle with our dogs blurs my vision. Although, it is certain that the four of them will knock something off the coffee table. It is the knowing, that no matter how worn and tatty she appears, her family matters. I admire the gusto she possesses. I know she is destined for greatness. I never met someone so dedicated to his or her career other than me. The demands of her job often interfere with our life, but she never seems bothered, and that is admirable. One evening while at dinner enjoying the sound of each of laughter,