Mad Dogs

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Mad Dogs
Mad dogs is a novel written by Robert Muchamore about how teenage spys can work with police and criminals to put them behind bars.
Cherub is a series of spy books in which all follows a boy named James Adams and how he infiltrates criminal enterprises. James and many other children who do the same thing as him live on a university like campus, where they spend their days doing normal school work with the added judo and karate classes, so these kids are not just normal kids but they are highly trained.
Mad Dogs is the eighth book in the Cherub series, James’ closest friends Gabrielle and Michael gets sent out on a highly dangerous mission where they have to infiltrate a gang known as the slasher boys who are in a gang war between some runts. When Gabrielle gets stabbed and is barely alive Michael shows bravery and determination he carries the mission on alone.
James and his friend Bruce gets called to do a mission, they join the brains behind the runts the; Mad Dogs made up of old members of KMG which James had successfully infiltrated a few years earlier. He and Bruce fit in to the gang very well and get offered a lot of jobs; the mission seems to be going well. Then the government wants to shut down the mission as it is too dangerous with a tip off of a big shipment of drugs both gangs seem to be willing to fight for it. Then the Mad Dogs go for a plane load of money bound for troops in Ukraine they get an easy million dollars while all the cops in the