Essay on Mad Farmer Liberation Front

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Thomas Nichols

Wendell Berry’s “Mad Farmer liberation Front” makes a strong argument for the simple life, preservation of nature, and individualism.
Wendell Berry clearly states how Americans and people should live their lives. Berry’s points are valid and to the point; he believes that an independent person is a strong person. This very argument is ageless; used by people throughout time. One could say Wendell Berry is somewhat of a modern day Thomas Jefferson seeing how they share similar ideas. To fully understand Wendell Berry’s works more especially “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front” we take a look at his life. Born to an educated farmer in rural Kentucky Wendell Berry learned at an early age how important the
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People have always been quick to believe in different religions and faiths mostly to come to terms with the unknown. We have seen throughout the years how faith has been used by a person for their own gain. In England non-Christians and people that challenged the faith were burned or persecuted this went on for hundreds of years. The reason for these actions were the King was given divine power by God so if one did not believe in God the King thought it as treason thus the price paid for such an act was death. Had Wendell Berry lived in those days with his forward thinking he would have been public enemy number one. Berry’s argument for individualism could not be any stronger. This man is without a doubt worried for the lives and freedoms of his countrymen worried that there will no longer be art and science that a particular faith, government, or industry will tell us what to think, do, act, and say. I agree wholeheartedly with Wendell because with the absence of love and free thought life would be pointless in fact so pointless that the very thought of it is a damn good reason to start a creative revolution. Wendell Berry is the most gifted writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading he makes valid point after valid point. His words grab the attention of the reader