Madama Butterfly Essay

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Kelsey Penland
Madama Butterfly (Madame Butterfly)
Giacomo Puccini
22 December 1858 – 29 November 1924

This was such an intense Opera. This is actually the first Opera that I have ever watched to be honest. I randomly picked one, and I picked probably the best one for me. Madama Butterfly is about a young woman, aged 15, that falls in love with the wrong man. Pinkerton is the name, and tricking women is his game. To him, Butterfly is just a pawn to pass the time until he finds himself a “proper American wife.” While Madama falls in love, and Pinkerton plots as soon as he can to get away. He says that he will only be with her 1 month. Pinkerton disappears to America after the wedding and Butterfly remains in Japan, waiting for him to come back. He returns after 3 years, but not to take Butterfly back, but because he has a new wife, Kate, from America. Butterfly reveals that she has a child from Pinkerton, and the drama ensues. The news is delivered to Pinkerton who says that he cannot bear to tell Butterfly, and plans are made for Kate to take the child away from Butterfly. Butterfly says that she will comply, but only if Pinkerton comes to talk to her. Times passes and Butterfly prepares for Pinkerton to arrive, she hands her child an American flag to wave when his father arrives. She kneels in front of her Japanese culture’s God’s statue, takes her father’s knife and kills herself. Pinkerton arrives and it is too late. End.
What I liked was how raw the emotion in the