Madame Curie Essay

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FALL 2013
Madame Curie
Madame Curie, one of the most inspiring women of all times, is an inspiration that all we can benefit from. She was the most important element to discover Radium.
To prove others that existed, her dream of getting it to light was a constant fight.
Her and her husband used to live in a cold attic of a shed, without money to buy decent instruments of work, no founded, and no body helping they are and example of leaders that worked for a dream. They bot a pitchblende to work on it day by day with little eating and sleeping, working very hard. We as dreamers to reach a dream we have to be very persistence as she was, and work hard comparing her, as she would work for four men. I, personally, want to be a successful
Electro Computer Engineer and for that to happen, I need to study as hard at school as she was boiling the uranium, as to recognize what to do as she separated the elements, refining the work as she refined the element, and getting it to light for the welfare of humankind as she did so; it’s a key to success that I’m working on. I have faith in what my goals are in life, seeing them already fulfilled and in use to benefit the world. Madame Curie, had also a great faith on what she was working on, she knew that in an inert dark substance, radio someday would be found. In our lives between all the obstacles we have to confront towards the road of success, there will be, even, some family or friend member that will tell us our dream is impossible to reach. This kind of acts happen to Madame Curie had to go through when her husband that also as scientist was working with her in the project told her that “will never be done maybe in a hundred years but never in our days”. We have to be strong and persistence in reaching our dreams. As when she responded to her husband saying “if it takes a hundred years it will be a pity, but I will not cease to work for it as long as I live” this great phrase reminds me a saying that had also helped my life since I serve my mission “I prefer to fail than never had tried” is better to have fails as Madame Curie when she had 487 experiments failed before her husband was retracting himself from working on the project. Such willpower and perseverance must always be satisfied, and finally triumph will come.
Madame curie and her husband, with their own hands, brain, and hearts; had brought to light one of the greatest breakthroughs in history. This event as a great inspiration for me to not faint on my goals and work diligently on it.
And here is when the most important part of this triumph comes to place. Nothing in an achievement is more important than the value of a person itself. After having all the success they had obtained, easily they could have been very wealthy for the rest of their lives, but Madame Marie said “no! Radium is one of nature’s elements. It is not ours. It belongs to the world” they not even patented their disseverment; rather they gave it freely for science to cure decease to anybody who are in need of it. As this way of act gave us an example of humility and love; we must pursue to reach are dreams having in mind that whatever are dreams are, we need to be humble and full of love to make it work for the welfare of humankind and not just for myself.
Definitely, The Curies were far more than greatest scientists, the breakthrough itself is worth so very much, but the value of their inspiration and example is worth even more. As we now know that radium kills disease and have life and power.
But far-off, the most treasured elements are those found in individuals that possess Kindness, friendliness, integrity, courage, faith, enthusiasm, persistence, and godliness as the author describes it. This principles of values are the key to success temporality and eternally. These pure Crist-like attributes are worth to fallow and share it to the rest of the world. Thanks to these elements that gave value and direction to triumph, we know that as