Made In England Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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This story, written by Jamaica Kincaid, is about her early childhood life in school and ends with her trip to England for the first time. During her entire life, she is told how great England is, and is expected to have respect, love and pride for this country that she has never really been to. Kincaid goes into great detail and uses many examples to get her message across about how it really seemed to control her life. I think this story draws upon racial discrimination and the British influence and impact on her life. We see from the very beginning how familiar she is with England and how much it has already impacted her life when we read,
“At the time I was a child sitting at my desk seeing England for the first time, I was already very
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She goes on to mention how her socks, shows, etc. were also all “Made In England,” (210) and she took great notice to this. Another part that emphasized the involvement of England in her life is when she writes, “When my teacher showed us the map, she asked us to study it carefully, because no test we would ever take would be complete without this statement: “Draw a map of England,”” (Concert of Voices, 210). This repetition of words, “Made In England,” really starts to put the importance on why she began to hate England and the strong hold it had on her life – a place she had never even been …show more content…
I also think this part tells us that some people saw England as a glorious thing and gift for what they provided, but she saw it as an outsider telling her what to do. By stating that she is a “Brownie” (212) shows that not only is the color of her skin noticed, but that she feels as if she is an outsider to the English