Madeleine Albright Research Paper

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Madeleine Albright: her path in women’s history. During the Cold War [1], American government anticipated to have stability in the United States. The strength of the family was supposed to establish power of the country. Idea of domesticity [2] was connecting families all over the nation [3]. Mothers trained young girls to become good wives and mothers. Girls played with their dolls, fantasizing their soon-to-be marriages and children. They learned how to cook, clean, act obediently and delicately. At that time, United States was well prepared to accept a beautiful adult doll with woman’s shapes. When the first Barbie doll appeared on the market in 1959 [4], it immediately impressed all people. Especially, it won the hearts of girls and …show more content…
Before 1976, Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy, and the US Coast Guard Academy did not permit women to obtain an education at their institutions. In 1976, first time in history, the law allowed women to challenge their potential next to men [18]. During the same year, Madeleine Albright received her Doctorate degree from Columbia University’s Department of Public Law and Government. In addition, she received a Certificate from Russian Institute. [19] Raising three daughters and supporting her husband’s career, Madeleine Albright demonstrated an example of a perfect wife and a mother. However, she had higher ambitions rather than remaining a mother and a wife. She was one of those women, whose heart was beating only when they were able to serve their country. She wanted to make a difference for herself and for other women, who did not have that opportunity. Ms. Albright’s strong character and ambitions in the political career drove her to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to do her studies for PhD [20]. She successfully managed her motherhood with education and career. She believed that young ladies of Madeleine Albright era were “groomed more for marriage than for anything else.” [21 Ms. Albright prioritized the importance of career for all women, promoted democracy and women’s dignity as in the United States as all over the world. Selfless wife, caring mother, she was able to collect four “teacher of the year” awards at Georgetown University, which was unbelievable for that city.