Madeline LSI Essay

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Erin Reeves
Madeline LSI
Ventura 9:00
September 8th 2014
Language (+)
Rhyme scheme (keeps the children interested)
Ex. They smiled at the good and frowned at the bad and sometimes they were sad. Pg. 6,7, and 8
Teaching kids numbers and counting
Ex. Twelve girls (pg. 2), two straight line (pg. 2), half past nine (pg.9)
Sentence length (the length is good because they are not very long so the kids will not get as lost as if they were reading a lengthy sentences) Stays within the standard length
Majority of them within the 10 word range
Good punctuation (mostly periods and exclamation marks) (teaching the kids how to get across an emotion with words)
Ex. The excitement in some of the sentences grabs their attention
Language (-)
Split sentences- hard for a kid to follow along
Ex. Pg. 9, 10, 11, and 12
Sentence fragments- confusing for them to understand what the sentence is really talking about
Pg. 41, 42, and 43
Word choice- appendix, Dr. Cohn, Dantan-ten-six, solemn, half-past nine.
Depending on what audience this book is reaching out to, the majority of elementary students are not going to know what these words mean.
Too much hyphenation throughout the book and break up of sentences.
This could cause confusion and lose the attention of a child
Style (+)
Supplemental info:
The page at the end of the book provides information about the Eiffel Tower that the majority of young children are not going to know about
The dust jacket
Color Scheme
8 pages with color
The yellow agrees with the tone of the story… happy; does a good job of connecting an emotion to a color
Book length
Good: stays within the standard amount
30 sentences and 44 pages
The layout is integrated the picture and words are on the same page
This helps to keep the kids focused on what is going on in the story. Also they actually see the illustration that matches what the reader is saying.
Font Choice
The font goes from large to small (pg. 44)
It tells the child that it is a bed time story and that its time to get quite
Its bold and easy to see
Artistic medium
Water color; this is the first way kids learn to draw
Its soft and light tone
Word- Image communication
Pg 10, 11, and 13. The weather rain, shine and snow

Style (-)
Color scheme
The majority of the pages are only black and yellow. Could be boring for a child.
Fixed format
Too strict of margins/ text box
A lot of dead white space