Madison Childrens Hospital Essay

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Madison Children’s Hospital Sandie Hood University Of Phoenix

The outline for grant proposal should consist of the following things. I. Title II. Summary/Abstract should not be more than 100 words. III. Introduction
A. Background Explain the situation Show what created the problem Show why that the problem is important
B. Statement of the Project Problem Define the problem ones want to solve Define ones audience
IV. Solution A. Objectives Explain what one will create to solve the problem Show what one will produce during the period of the project. B. Time Schedule Show when
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The timeline for this project period for an application submitted in response to this funding opportunity may not exceed two years. Direct costs are limited $275,000 over a two year period with no more than $200,000 in direct costs allowed in a single year. The need for a program like this one is to find research that will help these children become healthy and be a part of the future. Researchers are on staff to assist in new research to find a cure for the chronic illness that is hindering the students from a achieving an successful education. This program will help children and his or her families become aware of the illness and make certain that there will be researchers to continue to do research to find a cure for one’s illness. The Madison Children’s Hospital will have fundraisers to assist in the funding for this program. This organization can go back and look to see how one has help the children and move forward in assisting more children’s with chronic illness. The problem is that there are an increasing number of children with chronic illnesses and is affecting the children learning process. The Madison Children’s Hospital wants to uncover away that will decrease the number of children’s with this chronic illness. The other problem this organization may encounter is receiving enough funds to achieve this goal. The more people who are willing to assist