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Madison Ann Farmer
302 Whitehaven Street
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Graduate of Cathedral High School May 2010
The University of Southern Mississippi August 2010-present
B.S.B.A. Healthcare Marketing
Expected date of graduation August 2015
May, 2010-July, 2010 The Castle Restaurant & Pub Natchez, MS
Waitress: Full waitress duties at a 5 Star dining restaurant
August, 2009-May, 2010 Mr. & Mrs. John Skrabo Natchez, MS
Nanny for three children:
Transportation to and from school Household chores Grocery shopping, Dry cleaning, Rx pick up & drop off
Responsible for children’s after school activities and doctor’s appointments
May 2009-September 2009 Beau Pre ’Country Club Natchez, MS
American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard
Lifeguard of pool at country club of patrons ages 2 years to 70
Responsible for maintenance and chemicals in pool
Responsible for cleanup and maintenance of pool surroundings, supply ordering and stock/inventory control
January 2011-April 2013 The Sandbar Restaurant Vidalia, LA
Waitress, Hostess, Assistant Manager:
Full waitress & hostess duties at an upscale full service restaurant
Head waitress with management responsibilities of wait staff
Efficient with computer system and POS system
Customer service representative and customer liaison
Customer Reports, Sales Reports, Wait staff scheduling

Personal Info I am a senior at The University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in Healthcare Marketing. I am a 2010 graduate of Cathedral High School in Natchez, MS. I attended Cathedral school since 3 years of age, which is a parochial school of high academic and ethical requirements and expectations. I feel that this educational setting helped to mold me into a confident and assertive person with a drive for excellence and success, while maintaining equally strong morals and ethics. I’m a very open and outgoing person who loves meeting and talking to people and helping those when they are in a time of need, which I feel is what lead me to a career in the field of healthcare.
Growing up I had a lot of health problems which required frequent hospitalizations and doctor’s visits, tests and procedures. As a result of these experiences, I developed an interest and passion in most anything that had to do with medicine and healthcare. From issues and problems to medications, treatments, and the emotional needs of many people, I hope to be able to repay those in need as an integral part of my career. I feel that by excelling in a medical field in any fashion is the least I can do since I was helped and treated so well. Healthcare marketing and research development interests and intrigues me to a passion and excitement of anticipated success and growth personally and professionally. I feel I can somehow make a difference in someone's life, and this field is where I will make my mark on the world. Providing a needed and effective product that will medically improve a person life is where I find my determination and desire to study and learn about the specifics of health care marketing in the medical