Madison, Wi Essay

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Madison, WI
Rodney Arnett
Ronald Bonlender

Madison, WI White | Non-White* | Hispanic | Minority | Over 18 | Total | 184,030/78.9% | 49,179/21.1% | 15,948/6.8% | 56,746/24.3% | 192,471/82.5% | 233,209 |

Black 16,926
Native Americans 1,001
Asian 17,211
Pacific Islander 81
Others 6,719
What types of people live in Madison? Madison has a very diverse population ranging from the very rich and powerful to the stereotypical starving artists and yes the homeless. There are many students along with many people that work for the federal and state governments. There are many farm families that live around and provide for many of foods and dairy products.
The types of work in Madison are as follows. The type of work in Madison consists of food service, health care, political as Madison the capital of Wisconsin. Congressmen’s and Senators live and work here. Construction workers and many health care workers live and work here. There are many students as well and the instructors that teach them.
Are there any festivals or community events in Madison? Madison has made the national news many times. The most memorable event is the teacher strike over Governor Scott Walkers signing of a new law to revoke the union workers bargaining rights for their contracts. Other events that has made national news is the Halloween State Street Party that turned into a full blown riot. Many people were hurt and or arrested. Another would be the Mifflin Street Block Party, with the underage drinking and drug use. Unfortunately Madison is also known for binge drinking. This is something that our police force is working on changing.
What types of responsibilities do Madisonian’s have as individuals to the community? One of the best things going for Madison is their loyalty to the community. Many people say that Madison is liberal, as does the author. The community is very accepting to all. It does not matter what race, religion, or even sexual orientation. Madison…