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A girl named Mami and a cat like creature named Kyubey appear, he offers a contract to become a mahou shoujo to Madoka and Sayaka. You can make one wish but in exchange you must fight witches, after your contract is formed you receive a soul gem, the source of your magic. Mami goes witch hunting and the two tag along. Mami defeats the witch quickly. The witch Gertrud drops a grief seed she uses the grief seed to cleanse her soul gem. Mami’s wish was to save herself while in a car accident. Sayaka visits her crush Kyousuke in the hospital. He plays the violin very well but his hand is now paralyzed.

They fight the witch charlotte, Mami is killed by Charlotte. Sayaka visits Kyousuke he is depressed because the doctor said there is no hope for his hand. Sayaka then forms a contract with Kyubey her wish was to heal Kyousuke’s arm. Another magical girl appears and her name is Kyoko. Kyoko stops her and picks a fight with her. They have a fight and Kyoko was about to kill Sayaka but suddenly Homura appeared and they were magically separated.

Homura and Kyoko talk about Walpurgisnacht the most powerful witch that appears suddenly. They decide to fight alongside each other when it is Walpurgis Night. Kyubey says that mahou shoujo can only control their bodies only within 100 meters. The body of Sayaka is an exact replica of her body since the original would be less durable in fights; your sense of pain gets duller, and no matter how much the damage is you can heal yourself. So your soul gem is actually your real form and your soul is inside of it. Homura returns Sayaka’s soul gem to her and Sayaka wakes up again not knowing what just happened.

Sayaka decided to not go to school. Kyoko and Sayaka met up and kyoko brought Sayaka to her dad’s old church. She talked about her past. Her dad was a priest he had a different kind of logic of religion and so no one believed