Madza Marketing Mix Plan Essay

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Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan, was founded on January 30, 1920. For the past 90 years, they have been designing and building great cars for car lovers all over the world.
Mazda Motor Singapore Pte Ltd is the authorized distributor of Mazda vehicles, parts and accessories. The company provides warranty maintenance for new cars and repair services. They have been the wholesaler for Mazda products dating as far back as 1963 when Mazda products first arrived in Singapore.
Currently, Mazda Motor Corporation is looking at expanding the market share of their Mazda RX8 in Singapore.
In this proposal, we will be discussing on the current situational analysis, the recommended target segment and most importantly, the theories and strategies in
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Majority of the consumers in this sample group have a stable income of between SGD$50,000 to SGD$100,000 annually. These people are usually the professional & technical, managers & executives, also known as PMETs, who are most likely to be highly educated.
3.3 Psychographic Traits
This target market belongs to the upper middle and lower upper social class. They are normally achievers who have obtained a standard success in life and are able to afford the maintenance cost of a sports car. They are authoritarian who desires power in their work place and even at home. However, they are also gregarious people who like to socialize with people of the same or higher status. They could also be people who are adventurous enough to do and try something new and challenging. An example will be a Senior Manager who belongs to the upper middle social class. He will want to show his subordinates and peers that he is capable enough to own such a beautiful car and yet he can use it when he goes out to relax and chill out with friends after work.
3.4 Behavioral Traits
This group of consumers is very likely to purchase higher end products to demonstrate their superior status. We are targeting them to purchase the Mazda RX8 as it is considered a sportier car in the series of cars from Mazda. By getting them to drive a Mazda RX8, it can help to make them feel younger and at the same time, portray a sportier image of themselves to the others. Another of the benefits