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:) Brief Name of the Publication : UNITED OUTFITTER
This magazine is link to the American brand Urban Outfitters. It aims at targeting potential customers and existing customers in the United Kingdom. “United” came up with the idea of referring to the targeting market which is the United Kingdom one. Moreover, “United” also stands for the different styles/brands under the American brand, and for its different customers all united at the same time. Vision Statement

Build the best lifestyle environments for the customers in all aspects. The aim of a brand magazine is always building up a closer relationship with the customer and deliver brand information. Urban outfitter always provide the customer a feeling of ‘fun’ ,
‘chill’ in their stores.The aim of the magazine is to delivering both clothes and lifestyle information . Readers wouldn’t feel like they are reading advertisement. As a long­term aspect
, we hope the readers will enjoy all the information and meanwhile know our brand image more. Mission Statement – how will you achieve your publication’s objectives?
Our magazine aims at delivering a concise overview of the lifestyle and environment of Urban
Outfitters. Through the different section of the magazine, United Outfitters is eager to build an emotional link with the potential customers and its existing customers. Indeed, for its different section the seasonal review chose to share the most trendy products and useful tips with its readers. United Outfitters is concerned to offer the best choice for its customers and readers by recommending them the most suitable and convenient last discoveries. The goal of United
Outfitters is to share the passion of its lifestyle with its readers. United Outfitters wants to offer a unique lifestyle inspiration to its readers, existing customers and potential customers. And with the benefit to be able to receive inspiration from them in return in order to get more fresh and innovative ideas. Our customers are our first inspiration in every step of the conception of our magazine. The reason why is that our magazine is creating for them, influencing by them, inspiring by them, and reading by them. Overall Concept ­ what is the principal aim of your publication ? For our magazine ,we will adopt A5 to be our publication magazinge’s size .We think that A5 size magazine is lighter and smaller than normal magazine also people can easier carry out.
Due to the rise of environmental awareness, we decide to use paper type of environmental friendly. We know that recycle papers are cheaper than normal papers so that our choice not only protect environment also can reduce cost on publication magazine. However, our magazine is for free to every customer who are interesting in the UK urban outffiters’ brands.

In addition, magazines will be put in store’s cashier and entrance that people can easier see it and take it. Moreover, in our magazine content including introduction,contributors page
,content page,Mix and Match ,Customer/Staff,Looks,Street looks,How to do the best street looks with UO products,Urban Obsession :Must­have items ,Beauty ,Home,Books,Music,Eat healthy,Travel,Editors' daily look for a week,Stores Locator, we would like to edit from summer season in 2015 .Our magazine’s aim is teaching customers how to Mix&Match brands to be a style. Therefore, the magazine content will use urban outfitters’ every brand into Mix&Match not advertisement on customers. The last one, we do not use model’s photo on our magazine because we want to present more unique‘s Mix&Match for customers so we will take photo by our group member by every style. This way is special to illustrate how people can wear their style. As we divided style part into two portions, we visualize women’s wear and men’s wear