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Coyote Hunting
This article called, “Coyote Camp” by, Andrew Mckean tells what it’s like to hunt in cold climates and put a stalk on a coyote in a blizzard. Having patience and tolerance is a requirement when dealing with tough climates and tough hunts. Knowing where the coyotes travel helps with stalking them. There are many tools to use but using them for the right occasions is key.
Coyote Hunting is an activity that requires a lot of patience, tolerance, and energy. Often time’s hunters see coyotes wandering around in cold climates in search of food to keep their energy and warmth up. Coyote hunters have a big advantage when hunting in the winter time. The dark fur coat of the coyote against the snow covered ground allows hunters to see them more easily. There is also a downside to hunting in the winter time for the hunters. The climates make it tough to endure the sharp penetrating cold weather when calling in a coyote. “Dawn arrives in the teeth of a blizzard, and tiny crystals of snow drift down from a hole somewhere in the tent’s ridgeline. The temperature plummets. WE pull on extra long johns and charge the batteries for our electric socks and gloves before refilling coffee cups and ducking out of the tent. This is a coyote-killing day (62)” Said McKean. Getting busted in mid hunt is something that no hunter wants to happen. On McKean’s hunt they were caught, “we blow one stand-the coyote was coming but we stood up too soon (62)” Says McKean. When coyote hunting, hunters will not always come back with a kill, there will always be disappointing hunts when they done everything right but the coyotes just weren’t in the mood. “Joes team returns, dogless. Based on an analysis of fresh tracks, they apparently had a coyote approach from their blind side, but it cut their scent and vanished (62)” Said Andrew.
Knowing where the coyotes go and how to stalk them is crucial for a successful hunt. Anyone can hunt coyotes but in order to get them to come in close there are certain steps that a hunter must take. A hunter must know where a coyote’s daily route is and what times they are at each area. Andrew McKean says, “At least two packs are working the area, but we can’t get any dogs to come to the call (62). When everything does go right while hunting, the reward is extraordinary, McKean says,”we haven’t been calling for fifteen minutes when I hear Cory rasp, ‘ones’s coming, get ready’” (62). McKean and Peterson scout the ground where they want to hunt and record the signs of coyote traffic. Waiting and taking the time to go through the steps of stalking and calling a coyote presents a reward in the end for the hunter. Sometimes the reward may not be a coyote to bring home and show off but the fact of knowing that they’re around and that every step was done right.
There are many tools to use when hunting coyotes, anything and everything from guns to clothing. The key is to use the right tool for the right job and quality counts just as much as quantity. When hunters are out hunting in cold weather there are hazards to be aware of and to know how to avoid becoming injured. McKean and