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Madeline Shaw
Humanities-1315 PSH
Dr. Devoe
8 October 2012
Magical Combination In the American nation today, many question the genius behind the upcoming generation who soon will be entering the work field. Where has the curiosity to know and understand the significance behind the historic arts gone? Sadly enough, the youth of this nation do not have the drive within to absorb the art dating back over the centuries. What grasps hold of young people’s attention has transitioned to a world that people of historic eras could not fathom. The Dallas Symphony orchestra created the perfect way to reach out and connect with the young folks who grew up to Saturday morning Looney Tunes. Experiencing the visual breakdown and combination of the classical music and classical animation truly opened the eyes of young individuals who were unaware of the mixture that brought about their favorite childhood cartoons. For the young generation struggling to appreciate the value of the arts that they have access to today, the symphony’s brilliant idea to show the combination of the two as well as the codependence between them brought awareness to those who grew up watching the Looney Tunes. Understanding the framework behind the cartoons, that everyone fell in love with, sparked a rise in the level of appreciation for those who had the opportunity to attend the performance. Often today among the younger people there are comments that classical music bores them and rarely does one hear of someone with a deep interest factor in the music. The cartoons were able to turn on a light inside the mind and connect to those who do not see the art and beauty behind the classical music. Listening to the symphony while the cartoons played on the screen truly was an eye opener to understanding the craftiness and talent composers were given and left most