Magical Dragon Essay

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The Magical Dragon

In the story, The Magical Dragon, there was a dragon that lived in the high mountains and always wanted to go to the villages. This dragon did not have wings and magical powers. The dragons name was Larry. He always felt sad because, he was big and always clumsy. Many people would make fun of Larry because of his clumsiness Since Larry got very lonely in the mountains all by himself he caught a cricket to cheer him up. After cricket cheered him up he went to a village to make a friend but all the villagers scream and ran for their life. Larry gets uncomfortable and clumsy and starts to break down the villages. Many people lost their homes and a few people got hurt. Because of all of the accident some villagers go to the emperor and tells him about the big accident so the emperor agrees to help and send a few soldiers to bring the dragon to his palace. Once the soldiers arrives next to Larry, he gets afraid because he thought that the emperor would imprison him. Even though Larry wants to run away he goes with the soldiers to the palace. The meeting was a special meeting in the courtyard. Dragon meets the emperor and the emperor asks Larry “Why are you destroying the villages and homes?” Moaning, shaking head, cowering on the ground Larry replies “I'm sorry but you see your majesty, I'm very clumsy. I just wanted to make a friend from the village to talk with because I am very lonely but the villagers always freak out when I go near them. I think they had a misunderstanding of me wanting to snatch one for dinner, I am a vegetarian dragon.” Stroking his beard the emperor murmured “What should I do? What should I do?” “I am a failure and I am not red not green not yellow or like the others. I do not have wings or have confident in myself. I am very clumsy and not interested in collections treasures. I just want to read a book and a have an honest friend.” yelled Larry “You seem to be a unusual dragon. You have black scales and don't like treasures and you like books. How many of books have you read?” asked the emperor “Oh I have…