Magical Realism Story Essay

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“Aggggggh,” I heard a high pitched screeching. I don’t see anything yet, but I feel an autumn breeze on my head, then I slowly felt it on my tummy, soon I felt it on my whole body. I begin to see the color red mixed in with a bright white light and, I hear someone say, “I want her name to be Cataleya,” and someone with a deeper tone of voice replies softly, “Cataleya is a beautiful name.” I’m not sure what a name is but, I know it’s mine. Suddenly I had a burning feeling in my eyes like they were drying out rapidly. I hear people talking, “Her eyes are…,” I hear nothing, I see nothing its dark and cool but without a breeze. I begin to see a small something with strange colors on it; I think it’s orange and black. The thing speaks to me in a light semi-high pitched voice, “Hello my name is Aries, what’s yours?” That things mouth wasn’t moving when it spoke to me and I thought, “My name is Cataleya,” the thing replied with great enthusiasm, “Well it’s nice to meet you, I have to go now, bye.” I can see again but, now it’s very loud and I am in a different place. I see green things with brown bases everywhere and, I look down and there are brown lumpy things everywhere. I think about the endlessness of where I was and slowly fell asleep. I wake up and I am 5 years old and I said to myself, “Has it really been 5 years. I remember everything before I was 5, which is very strange.” Every morning since I was 4 I drew the something but, different each time, then my mother barges in…