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Joseph Michael Matos
Barge Music
Horszowski Trio

Along side the East River in Brooklyn NY is “Barge Music”. A quaint room in a barge that hosts different types of classical musicians. When I arranged for the holding of two seats I was ignorant of the fact that the musicians I was about to listen to were fairly well known in the music community. To say the least the room was packed. A little to packed for my liking
I signed up for the Masterworks Series which featured the Horszowski Trio, Jesse Mills, violin, Raman Ramakrishnan,cello and Rieko Aizawa on the piano. These musicians were to perform Beethoven Piano Trio in D major Op. 70 No. 1 “Ghost”.
Feeling as if I was not part of the club I walked in to “Barge Music” - intimidated. Jesse Mills is a two time grammy nominated violinist and plays music from classical to contemporary. He is proclaimed a “champion of contemporary music” by 'Barge Music'. Raman Ramakrishnan is the former founding member of the dedalus Quartet and played the cello. Rieko Aizawa played the piano and according to 'Barge Music' she has been praised by the New York Times. These musicians are no amateurs and I'm the youngest person in the room judging by hair color. (Barge)
A frightening feeling and chills up my back the slow and scary sounds of “Ghost” almost made me leave. If the concert were to have been held at night I assure you I would have been frightened. The sound of the music was slow and sounded like it belonged in a horror film or at the least a thriller. It started off quick and there is no indication as to when the music will stop. (I would like to make note that to add to experience the barge slowly rocks. I'm not sure as to what effect this has on my experience but it is useful to make note of.)
All three musicians were brilliant but the one I was mesmerized by was Jessie Mills on his violin. The movements he made were extremely soft and then violently quick within a second. It was easy to tell that he does not just play the violin. Jessie Mills is in love with the violin. And because of this strong love you start to feel passion for the composition . I would argue that the musicians project there feelings through the music and is one of my main revelations while I observed them.
The piano in the song was memorizing and Aizawa was moving with the music. This is interesting to me for a very specific reason. Growing up in New Jersey my middle school and high school would have the New Jersey Orchestra perform in our auditorium. These musicians appeared to notice the audience and I do not feel as if they didn't see us. The Horszowski Trio did not notice us. As Aizawa played the music it was as if she was alone and no one was watching. All three of the musicians were extremely collect in their movements and I was fascinated by their nonchalance.
Was the performance brilliant? I don't know. Was the performance garbage? I don't know. I could have brought my note book and text book while watching this performance and even had google handy and I would still not be able to intelligently describe what I was watching. Like any art form whether it be writing, visual art or music for one to critique takes experience and a understanding of what is the best and what is worst. All I know is I enjoyed what I saw and it definitely evoked feelings within me.
Raman Ramakrishnan looked as if he were a scientist. My judgement was close to reality. Raman went to Harvard and received his Bachelors degree in physics and then to the Julliard school where he obtained his Masters in Music. Although this may sound trivial it isn't. Raman looked and played his instrument almost in a scientific like way. Mills lead with the violin