Magnetic Field and Right Hand Grip Essay

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Magnetism- The two ends of a magnet are called the north seeking or north pole and the south seeking pole or south pole.
Two Magnets -placed near each other will experience a force. Two Like pole placed near each other experience a force of repulsion and two opposite poles experience a force of attraction
Magnetic Fields- The region around a magnet where magnetic effects can be experienced is called the magnetic fields. The direction of the field at a point is taken to be the direction of the force on a north magnetic pole placed at that point The magnetic field is a vector quantity – it had both magnitude and direction. Magnetic field lines are directed away from the north poles of the magnet Lines of forces never crosses each other and their concentration in a region is a measure of field strength there
The magnetic field lins due to current in a straight wire circle the wire.
The direction of the magnetic field can be found using the right hand grip rule. Hold you hand as if to grip the wire with your thumb in the direction of the conventional current, your fingers then point in the direction of the magnetic field.)
A current flowing into the page is represented by the symbol X O
A solenoid is a coil of wire made up of many loops.
When an electric current passes through the coils of wire a very strong magnetic field can be produced. This is due to the sum of the magnetic fields due to each individual loop of wire
The magnetic field around the wire is concentrated into the center of the loops and acery intense and uniform magnetic field is created.
A solenoid with an electric field flowing through it becomes an electromagnet with a north and south pole. A solenoid and be made into a strong electromagnet by placing a bar of soft iron into the core. When current flows in the solenoid, the iron also becomes magnetized and adds it magnetism to that of the solenoid
There are a number of different ways determining which end of the solenoid will be North Pole
Grab the solenoid in a similar fashion to the right