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Mai Vu Vu 1
Desmond Lewis
IRNW 0410
April 5, 2015 Auguste Rodin and Robert Indiana Sculptures All the artists in the world are unique. Each of the sculptures has its own style that is based on different subject. Love is an excellent subject for sculptures all over the world to have the inspiration for making great art. Love can send a strong message depending on how people look at it. Whether it is physical and emotional, love is one the strongest feelings everyone can show. Also, it can written in to word or express in an action. Auguste Rodin “The Kiss” and Robert Indiana “Love” are sculptures that convey the idea of love, but Rodin’s “The Kiss” convey the idea of love more effectively because of the appearance, color and material. A major similarity between the two sculptures is love; Rodin’s “The Kiss” and Indiana’s “Love”; which attracts and speaks to people all around the world, whether it be expressing it to a certain person or having and sharing love. Rodin’s sculpture is both romantic and provocative; it is appears to belong in a museum. Where art is appreciated and where people see the beauty found in art, when everyone see “The Kiss” sculpture which seems to be husband and wife in love with each other and show attraction between them. On the other hand, Indiana’s sculpture is easily found in the park and could be relocated to another public area; it is intended to be viewed by all people. It is remind the public that not only do individuals needs love as well, whether they have a background in art or not. In fact, this sculpture is seen by masses of love between all people. Vu 2 The other difference between there stature is the color. Indiana’s “Love” is a red color, which makes a strong sense. It is makes the audience think about something sweet and passionate. Red is a symbol of love. On the other hand, “The Kiss” is white. It expresses the hopelessness, sadness and despair. Most important, the impact of these sculptures is also considered: “The Kiss” effects directly to the viewer and gives to people a thought about what they have just seen on the conflict. “Love” has a letters, the letter O was designed inclined to the right to make itself