Gough Whitlam Essay

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Gough Whitlam
Gough Whitlam came into office toward the end of 1972. He was the first Labor Prime Minister in 23 years, and he arrived in the position keen to bring about a number of reforms and a new, progressive approach to the Australian national identity.
For the federal election of December 1972 the labour party adopted a very simple slogan: ‘’its time’’.
there was a increased spending in education, and university fees were abolished.
Law Reform:
The family law art of 1975 was overseen. * 1973 alone 203 bills became laws, The administrative appeals tribunal * The voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 * He formed the Australian law reform commission; it was established to form about the laws in Australia. * He got rid of conscription * The death penalty for federal crimes was abolished.

Foreign Policy: * Established a diplomatic relation with the people’s republic of China in 1972 * Withdrawal of foreign troops from Vietnam * Broadened narrow trading relationship with japan. * Proposed treaty to be against discrimination in immigration and secure supply of resources * Multipolarity replaced cold war bipolarity

Precedent of Dismissal: economic difficulties and political impact of the lone affair made him unpopular throughout 1975. Malcolm Fraser called for election which Whitlam refused.
Kerr now the Governor General became convicted that Whitlam should be dismissed from office. Kerr stated a